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Cher W

I was born in Southampton, England. I moved to London after traveling and working in Europe at 24. I have lived there for almost ten years. I love the city! It continues to inspire me every day with its endless quirkiness and diversity.

It never feels like work! I love the diversity and there is always something new to learn, especially when working backstage with new makeup trends. I feel so lucky to be part of not only an incredible brand but a family. I have met some of my closest friends at M∙A∙C.

I couldn’t live without Face and Body, Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle for my lips and cheeks and Extended Play Gigablack Lash. I will be flying to Ibiza to relax and visit some of my favourite beaches.

Strobe Cream! I used it all over my entire body the summer I started working for M·A·C and it literally changed my life. I continue to use it as a highlighter every day.

It’s all about lips and lashes in London! This city is so diverse with so many cultures and unique fashions seen everywhere. People are confident to wear new makeup trends straight from the runway, which is so inspiring to see.

Phone Number Eye Kohl. This oil-slick grey is the perfect alternative to black. You can use it to make a thin, classic line or a blown out smoky eye with a grunge edge. It is a versatile treasure that looks great on everyone.

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  • Classic and striking film-star red with its unique Retro Matte texture. US$16.00
  • The perfect alternative to black. US$16.00
  • Flattering on hands and feet. US$12.00
  • A pick-me-up for eyes with an instant boost of caffeine. US$31.00
  • A feathery lash that is semi-natural looking. US$17.00
  • Minimal fuss with maximum effect. US$21.00
  • Easily blends and smokes out the eye. US$16.00
  • On its own or as a base for rich colour that lasts. US$20.00
  • Pure luxury in a lightweight powder. US$32.00