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Verified Students, Teachers, Medical, Military & First Responders

can receive 15% off their next purchase.



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Am I eligible for this discount?

Students: You need to be currently enrolled in educational classes for which you can earn credit towards a diploma, degree, or professional license.
Teachers: You need to be currently working in the education field.
Medical: You need to be currently working in the healthcare field or have an active medical license or certification. Due to the way our data sources are structured, we ask that only medical professionals with an M.D. or D.O license apply under a status of ‘Doctor’. Other medical doctors (e.g. dentists, chiropractors) should apply under a status of ‘Other Health Worker’.
Military: You need to currently be - or at one time have been - working for the selected Nation's Armed Services.
First Responders: You need to be currently working as a Police Officer, Firefighter, or EMT. This includes an array of roles and professions within the law enforcement industry and anyone who qualifies or is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.

For any questions on eligibility, please reach out to SheerID customer service (

Can I use this discount with other promotions?

Offer may not be used in combination with any other offer or discount.

Where can this discount be used?

This discount is valid only at It cannot be used at MA∙C Retail Stores or on M∙A∙C products at Department Stores, Department Store websites, Ulta store locations,, Sephora store locations, or

Are any products excluded from this discount?

Offer not applicable to and applicable purchase amount does not include the purchase of eGift Cards; Gift Cards; Customize Palette Tool, Good Buys, Giftwrap, Custom Kits, Mini M∙A∙C, Pro Palette Compacts & Inserts, Value Kits, Viva Glam, Minis, select limited-edition products and new products, select professional tools, Makeup Services; sales tax; shipping and handling; items noted as not eligible; items that are not in stock at the time of purchase; pending purchases or purchases made prior to the start of the offer or after the offer ends. Offer applies to authorized purchases only. Only authorized orders will be processed and shipped. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of offer and to modify or cancel this promotion at any time. Free items are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Offer is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

Can I use this discount more than once?

Yes, you can use this discount once every 30 days, but you’ll need a new promo code each time. When you verify your status, you'll be issued a promo code that can be used only once. When you're ready to shop again, you can re-verify your status and receive a new promo code.

What is SheerID?

We’re partnering with SheerID – a third party service – to confirm your eligibility for this offer through their verification process. You can learn more about their verification process here:

Student Verification FAQ

Teacher Verification FAQ



How do I get verified?

Verify your eligibility by clicking the relevant link above. SheerID will collect some basic personal information to confirm your current eligibility for the discount. SheerID may also ask you to upload some additional documentation for the purpose of confirming your eligibility for the discount and completing your verification.
To ensure a quick and successful verification, please pay attention to how you enter your information on the form so that it will match what is seen on the document(s). For example, enter your first and last name on the form as it appears on your official document(s).

SheerID only requires full first and last name, a date, and proof of your current student, teacher, medical, and military status. Please redact or black out any sensitive information on your document(s) that aren’t necessary for verification.

Additionally, the SheerID system automatically destroys and purges documents the moment a request is approved or denied. For more information, see the SheerID privacy policy at

How long will it take to get my promo code if I’m successfully verified?

If verification is successfully completed, we’ll provide your promo code on-screen and via email. Occasionally verification requires a document review and can take up to 20 minutes.

I have questions that are not answered here. Who can I ask for help?

For questions related to your verification, please reach out to SheerID customer service by filling out the form at For questions related to using your discount, please reach out to M∙A∙C customer service via


The MAC Cosmetics Student, Teacher, Medical, Military and First Responder discount is offered to a closed list of organizations. If your organization is not on the list, you can submit a request for your organization to be added by clicking on the link on the form that says “Request to have it added.”
The process of adding organizations to MAC’s dropdown list takes approximately 7 days. Organizations submitted are not guaranteed to be added, but all requests are researched and considered. You will receive an email notification if your organization has been added.