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Gisel C

I am from Mexico and grew up in California. I live in San Francisco and began my makeup career nine years ago. I work across regions from Latin America to
the Caribbean.

I add more of everything! Line eyes inside the water line with Eye Kohl in Teddy or Smolder. I opt for heavier mascara like Opulash because it gives that extra volume. At night, I add a glow to my skin with Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish for a highlighted cheek and apply more of a soft shade like VIVA GLAM V.

I love Istanbul in September. I would pack Minerlize Concealer because it is so easy to blend into skin for a flawless finish and is ultra moisturizing. Extended Play Lash is a smudge-free, non-clumping waterproof formula that I love. Finally, I would take the beautiful sun-kissed hue of Style Powder Blush to warm up my skin tone.

I loved lipstick as a little girl. When I decided to go pro, it was all about the eyes. Blending and mixing colour is my passion.

I loved working on the Latin Grammys. Being backstage with all the presenters and performers was incredibly memorable. The vibe and excitement was contagious. I will never forget how lucky I felt to have been a part of that experience.

Yes, I started working at the counter. I had the best time of my life. Once, a woman had severe depression because she was going through a divorce. Her friend brought her to the counter for a makeover. Till this day she emails me about how happy she was and how it gave her back her confidence in herself. Feeling and looking good is important.

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