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Beatriz C

I live in Mexico, a country full of culture, colour and traditions. Makeup is my passion and I love creating... The face is my canvas.

When I was a child, I would take magazines to school and read them during math. If I thought the model wasn’t wearing enough makeup I would colour it in or draw more lashes on her.

I adore emphasizing expressive eyes. To me, eyes are the reflection of the soul.

When I want to emphasize a feature I use colours and textures. If I want to minimize, I use neutral colours and matte textures.

Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose for its versatility, Posey Cremeblend Blush because it adds a natural blush look on the cheek, and finally, Blacktrack Fluidline for the perfect smoky eye.

In Mexico, the smoky eye is a must. 7 Lash and Carbon Eye Shadow are in practically every woman’s makeup bag.

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