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They're our Artists backstage, on set, behind the scenes. Our all-star pros. Find out who they are. Where they're coming from. Latch onto their secrets. Lash onto a look. Brush up on techniques.


Makeup is all about expressing your inner self through colors. Always have the thought of having FUN with it !

Whenever I need to get an inspiration for makeup, I just need to sit on the swing in my garden and just look around at all the beautiful trees and plants.

My hands and Brushes.

I can't leave without Fix+ and eye shadow palettes.

The Eyes.

Gordon Espinet and every artist out there.

I have respect for all designers, I can't pick one.

Artists Tips

Create your own texture for Foundation by mixing Fix + and Strobe Cream, then add any MAC foundation ( I personally love to choose Studio Fix Fluid ) and stir them up together with #188 brush before applying on your face . You will notice your skin will be glowing and the effect of the foundation will reflect in day light like a pearl.