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They're our Artists backstage, on set, behind the scenes. Our all-star pros. Find out who they are. Where they're coming from. Latch onto their secrets. Lash onto a look. Brush up on techniques.


Always remember that the power to change and transform someone touches a privacy and is not futile, even if it is the most fun thing ever!

Every moment is an influence. I am inspired by the celebrities from the past and the present.

My hands!

I love the Lustre drops. For me it is more than a highlighter, it is a multi purpose products. This is the detail that really makes the difference on a make up.

A feature calls another feature... Doing a perfect skin makes me feel like I want to do an eye... And then I feel like lips are missing...

Stephane Marais for his refinement and Carole Lasnier for her creativity.

I love Haider Ackermann for the quality of his shows, and the modern elegance of his work.