Discover our most powerful beauty tools. Build
all-new lip looks with over 500 shades — hues
that work from 9-5 in every finish and texture.
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Powder Kiss Lipstick packs endless ways to
reinvent your look! Take this weightless formula
comfortably to the cheeks for a monochrome look
or use two shades on lips for an ombré effect.

Get the ulti-matte matte lip with Retro Matte
Lipstick! Our classic, mattest matte formula comes
in seven powerful shades that can be painted on
and built up to intensely full coverage.

Watching paint dry has never been more fun – and
fast! Apply quick-drying one-coat coverage that
works around the clock with Retro Matte Liquid
Lipcolour in 16 intense liquid-suede shades.

Switch gears and liquify your lips!
Smoothly rotate your look with the
slick, creamy formula of Lipglass.

Sharpen up with Lip Pencils for endless,
long-wearing lip looks. Define, shape or
fill to quickly and precisely workshop your
look. Colour inside – or outside – the lines
to minimize or maximize your lip look! Works
9–5 with all lip colour formulas.

Scrub, exfoliate and hydrate with lip
primers to build up a smooth, even base
for heavy-duty looks.