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Create endless eye looks with shadows available in a wide range of textures and shades, eyeliners, mascaras and eyebrow products.


  • Start building your eye makeup look with a primer, such as the Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base. Though a primer isn’t necessary to begin, primers can help extend the wear of your eye shadow so your makeup looks better for longer. Apply primer with your finger and delicately spread it across your eyelids, up to your brows and along your lower lash lines.

    After the primer, apply the eye shadow(s) of your choice. For eye tutorials, check out the M·A·C YouTube channel for how-tos ranging from classic looks to the latest #MACTrend. Remember, eye liner and mascara are great products to help enhance and complete your look.

  • There are so many exciting types of eye makeup to play with – all of which create distinct looks and effects:eye shadows, eye liners, mascara makeup, eye primers and more. Eye shadows come in loose or pressed powder, baked and cream formulas. Shadow finishes range from matte to shimmer and satin to glitter. Matte shades, such as Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow, are great for creating a natural look, while extra shimmer turns up the wow-factor for a more distinctive look. To achieve a natural eye look, use shades that are close to your natural tones. Play with shimmer, cat-eye liner, cut creases and smoky eyes for more dramatic makeup effects.  

    Though it’s not a concrete rule, playing with shades that complement your skin tone can help inform what colours work best for you. Bronze shades look great with fair skin, while reds and purples enhance medium-dark skin tones. 

  • The best eye makeup depends on what look you’re trying to create. For a bolder look, play with intense and highly pigmented shades, while soft and matte shades work well to create a natural or minimalist look. M·A·C Eye Shadow is our iconic, versatile eye shadow boasting highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well to create anything from a classic eye look to a bold, wet eye look. With so many colours to choose from, there’s no limit to the kinds of eye looks you can create.

  • The beauty of eye makeup, like any makeup, is that there is no right or wrong way to wear it. It’s about personal style and expression. If you’re looking to play with a variety of looks, try a versatile eye product, such as Pro Longwear Paint Pot, which can be used as a primer base for eye shadow or as a shadow itself to create a creamy, vibrant finish that lasts for 24 hours.

    No matter what look you’re going for, considering your eye shape is a great place to start when thinking about what will look best. For example, cut-crease styles enhance almond, monolid and hooded eyes best, while a cat-eye effect looks great on protruding and close-set eyes. For precise application, make sure you have the right Eye Makeup Brushes and primer.

  • A simple eye makeup look is perfect for everyday glam. Choose natural and matte shades that complement your skin tone and apply the shadow to your entire lids, layering colour for more intensity. To make your eyes bigger, define your creases with a shade darker than your base eye shadow. Blend the shadow before lining and defining your eyes with eye liner or other eye shadow. Use a highlighter to add definition to your brow bones and inner eyes to brighten them up more. Finish the look with mascara, like the Magic Extension 5mm Fibre Mascara, which adds length and volume to lashes. Using a microfine and precise brow definer, such as Eye Brows Styler, can further define your features and frame your eyes.