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Shop Together
Shop Together allows you to shop with your friend just like you’re in a M·A·C
store together… only online! Shop and instant message at the same time, see what your friends are browsing in real time, recommend products to each other and easily save products to your favourites… all in 3 easy steps.
Step 1 : Inviting
You can invite up to 4 friends to chat with you at any time via Facebook (by posting to your wall or via a direct message), Twitter, IM and Email. Use the button on the bottom right of your screen to start. As you invite friends we will remember them so you can easily invite them again – just select their names from the Online (currently shopping the M·A·C site) and Offline tabs.
Step 2 : Set up your screen name
Once you have invited friends, enter a screen name and your email address on the next screen. We’ll remember these so you can chat every time you come to the M·A·C site and your friends can easily invite you too. To get techy for a second, remembering you and your friends are based on Cookies saved on your computer, so don’t delete them if you want the easist experience using Shop Together!
Step 3 : Start chatting
As soon as your friends accept your invite by clicking through to and setting up their own screen name, you can start chatting. As you navigate the site you will be able to see the products or videos or artists you are viewing and also what your friends are viewing. Instant message with them in the chat box, use the    to add products into your chat or use the to add products into your Favoruites. You can always minimize your chat or add more friends (up to the maximum of 4) while you are chatting – just use 
Step 4 :
To end a chat, simply close the chat panel or close your browser to
end your session on the
M·A·C site. But come back soon!

For more help, Live Chat with an artist here.