Where can it be purchased?
M·A·C eGift Cards can be purchased at www.maccosmetics.com

How will it be delivered?
eGift Cards are delivered via email. The sender’s name and email address are included for the recipient.

How much does delivery cost?
There is no charge for email delivery. For shipments that contain eGift Cards and other items, shipping and handling charges will be based upon the amount of the merchandise purchased. eGift Card amounts are not included in the calculation of shipping and handling charges. Click here for complete shipping information.
Where can it be redeemed?
eGift Cards may only be redeemed by visiting us online at www.maccosmetics.com.

Redeeming eGift Cards at M·A·C Online
1. Visit www.maccosmetics.com and select the items you want to purchase and click "checkout."

2. On the Billing Page enter your eGift Card number and PIN Code along with a valid credit card.

3. When the total amount of your order exceeds the total value on your M·A·C eGift Card, your credit card will be charged the remaining balance. All of the value on your eGift Card will be used first before any amount is charged to your credit card.

4. When the amount of your order is less than the value on your eGift Card, your credit card will not be charged. Any unused balance will remain on your eGift Card.

5. Only one eGift Card may be used per order at www.maccosmetics.com.

Sales Tax
No sales tax is charged when buying eGift Cards. Purchases paid for with eGift Cards are subject to applicable sales tax.

Returns and Exchanges
Refunds for returned items will be credited to the original payment method. Please click here for more information about returns and exchanges.

Maximum Purchase Policy
We regret that we must limit all online orders to no more than four (4) units of any item with a maximum purchase of $500 per customer.

For corporate gift purchases and services that exceed our maximum purchase policy, please call 1-800-588-0070.

Checking balance on M·A·C eGift Cards
You may check the balance of your eGift Card online at www.maccosmetics.com at the eGift Card page or during checkout, or you can call 1-888-733-9595.

Lost or stolen M·A·C eGift Cards
Please call 1-800-588-0070 to report a lost or stolen eGift Card.

Terms and Conditions
M·A·C eGift Cards may only be used to purchase merchandise at maccosmetics.com. eGift cards have no expiration date or service fees and may not be redeemed for cash, except as required by law. Promotional offers and discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of eGift Cards, and purchases of eGift Cards will not be used to determine promotional thresholds. When making a purchase with an eGift Card, the value of the purchase, including shipping/handling fees and sales tax, if applicable, will be deducted from the balance remaining on the eGift Card. If you have any questions regarding eGift cards, or to report a non-working eGift Card, please call 1-800-588-0070.

All transactions involving eGift Cards are subject to the M·A·C Cosmetics North America Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please safeguard your eGift Card pin number. If your eGift card is lost or stolen, and you have proof of purchase, M·A·C will issue a replacement for the balance shown in our records. To report a lost or stolen eGift Card, please call the toll free number above. You will need to provide your eGift Card number. M·A·C reserves the right, in addition to any other available remedies, to close customer accounts or require alternative forms of payment if an eGift Card is obtained or used improperly.