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Beno L

I was born and raised in sunny tropical Singapore. I’ve always loved art and colour, which allowed me to express myself from a young age.

I was around seven years old. When I was in kindergarten, I always volunteered for the dance performance during Children’s Day or our National Day celebrations. My teacher would apply all my makeup. I still remember the shocking pink cheeks and red lips!

My first product would be Lightful Softening Lotion. I love to use it to prep the skin because it immediately infuses it with moisture for maximum comfort and a supple, smoother look. Second, would be Lightful Essence. The lightweight veil of moisture plumps up the skin, helping it look evenly toned and hydrated. The third essential product I would take with me is Face and Body. This must-have foundation is perfect to use anywhere. I would be flying to mystical, mountainous Bhutan for a photo shoot!

Ebony Eye Pencil. I remember looking for a black eyeliner and I was very impressed how easy it was to use and I loved the colour pay-off. I am happy my first love product is still selling in stores. I would be very upset if we ever discontinued it.

Everyone wants polished, beautiful skin. People want to wear “invisible” makeup, appearing to have naturally good skin. It’s a great, practical look especially for a tropical humid climate like Singapore’s. I also notice people wearing bright shades of lip colour, playing up the lips more.

Lingering Eye Brows. Brows are such a big trend and people always want to know how to achieve beautiful, full brows. This shade is so easy to use and not too dark.

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  • It gets all lashes US$21.00
  • The long-lasting black eyeliner that never transfers. US$16.00
  • Provides definition, shape and darkens the brows. US$16.00
  • Instead of powder, apply on T-zone to reduce oil and shine. US$22.00
  • Lightly tap on with a brush for an airbrush finish. US$35.00
  • A lovely pink creamy blush for the apples of the cheeks. US$22.00
  • The perfect, lightweight powder to set and touch up. US$26.00
  • Eye Pencils are formulated to provide rich, consistent colour. They are comfortable to apply and sharpen to a fine point to allow for a precise application. Eye Pencils can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect. US$16.00