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Nicole T

Lips and eyebrows! I see a 50s influence in how people are doing their makeup, meaning they are defining everything and getting a really polished look! Lips are bright, brows are defined/extended and eyes are lined. People are playing with strong lip colour ranging from reds and pinks to oranges. Loving all of it!

Lashes! They are the quickest and easiest way to transform your look in an instant! I especially love 7 or 34 Lashes cut in half and adhered to the outer corners of the eyes for a completely natural, undetectable look!

I absolutely cannot live without Fix +. It is my foolproof, go-to product for everything! I’m sure it can cure the common cold! (haha) During Fashion Week in Sydney I went through three bottles and it is the one product I will pull out of my makeup kit for every single makeup! Spray it on before using foundation to ensure a smooth application, and at the end of your application to keep your makeup looking fresh. Whatever you want it to do – it will!

Studio Finish Concealer. This product was a savior for my blemishes! Full coverage and creamy enough to blend right into your foundation for a flawless coverage that doesn’t feel heavy. You can cover scars and even tattoos! You only need a tiny amount and it will last for years! I absolutely love to apply Face and Body Foundation all over the face and while the foundation is still moist on the skin, blend Studio Finish Concealer into problem areas with a 190 Foundation brush. You end up with a beautiful creamy polished finish to your makeup.

Reflects Pearl. Life is so much better with Glitter! This is what I call the “grown-up” glitter – the particles are so fine and it is so easy to put on to your skin without needing glue! Reflects Pearl works with any makeup to instantly add a touch of shine. Start off by popping it lightly on the inner corners of your eyes for a subtle sparkle. Soon you will be in love and applying it all over your eyes and cheeks!

I am passionate about perfectly groomed and shaped brows, whatever their thickness, making sure that they are polished to be an extension of the makeup!

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  • Amazing contour and shadow colour that works on so many skin tones. US$21.00
  • This Cream Gel Liner lets you have the precision of a liquid liner but allows you to blend and blend and blend until you are happy! US$16.00
  • Could it get any blacker?? Nope! US$16.00
  • Works wonders for freshening up before going out - without removing your makeup. US$22.00
  • Quickly give yourself a smudge proof pop of colour underneath your eyeshadow and have some fun! US$20.00
  • Powders are fantastic to set your makeup and give you great coverage without looking or feeling cakey and matte. US$32.00
  • This moisturizer is the quickest way to give your skin the glow you wish you were born with. US$33.00
  • These oils are great to hydrate and soothe the skin, while also working to sheer out foundation or concealer for a more natural look US$22.00
  • Great to perfect those manicured brows or finish that Liquid Eye Liner! US$20.00