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Vimi J

I see myself as a global nomad; I was born in Africa into a very traditional Indian family, grew up in England and now live in Dubai as the Senior Artist for the Middle East and India. My world is very colourful, creative and glamorous from the luxury of Dubai to the drama of Bollywood. My inspiration comes from the vast richness of this incredible and cultural region that is in such contrast with each other. I find my inner peace and balance through meditation, yoga and makeup.

In Dubai women are passionate about makeup, which is very much a part of the culture in the Middle East. They enjoy experimenting with colours and textures. The eyes are heavily lined with Kohl and the eye/lip makeup is also bright and colourful. Smolder Eye Kohl and Chatterbox Lipstick are Middle East must haves.

That would be Fix +. I love applying lots of it before any make up application and seeing the hydration boost it gives to any skin. The difference is immediate and everyone loves the finish it gives to the skin, so they’re always asking for it.

Doing meditation and reading a good book.

Watching my mother apply her make up in her Indian saree and seeing her transform into this glamorous woman. Also, within the perpetual grayness of England, I spent many hours of my childhood watching Bollywood films. The colours, dance sequences and costumes inspired me to experiment with makeup.

Directing the make up for the Bollywood Oscars known as the IIFA awards for the last six years has been very rewarding. It starts with designing the dramatic looks for the dancers who perform for hours and need elaborate looks for each and every act. The entire event takes place over three days and we sometimes do over 300 people on the day of the awards show. This event is high profile in Bollywood and is watched by almost a billion people.  The makeup is colourful, dramatic and glamorous to co-ordinate with the elaborate outfits and jewelry that are worn.  It really is an honour to participate in this amazing event.

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