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Lynsey A

I live in London where everything is quite understated and cool. I suppose my look could be described as low-key glam. The best looks work when you have no time to question your choices. You grab the first bright lipstick you see, apply a little mascara, minimal foundation and you look effortlessly chic.

Eye Kohls! I loved using them as a waxy cream eye shadow all over the lid. Layering them underneath powder shadows creates a lot of depth and sets the ‘smoldering’ mood perfectly.

Women in London know makeup trends and are constantly trying to break the rules as well as innovate. Many designers and makeup artists take inspiration from the streets and clubs. You see everything from full-on ‘40s glamour to ‘90s minimalism to Twiggy to Boombox in modern neons. Londoners love Ruby Woo Lipstick, Blacktrack Fluidline and something neutral like Siss Lipstick. London is definitely more into lipstick than gloss!

Only three? Well…188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush, Full Lash Curler and Clear Brow Set.

I love understated, carefully considered glamour. For example, brows that have been groomed but not over-drawn, lashes curled and essentially all aspects of the face touched & tweaked but never over-made. I like to enhance natural beauty rather than mask it. Sometimes I find the best question to ask is, ‘What can I leave out?’ rather than, ‘What can I add?’

I love Paris! It’s the most inspiring! I feel it’s where designers really get the chance to push their looks. The settings for the shows are often in magnificent old Parisian buildings vibrating with history and culture. The overall feeling backstage is often one of suspense and anticipation.

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  • A bright loud pink a rich creamy texture! US$16.00
  • A mid-tone naked beige cream that creates a soft mood around the eyes. US$21.00
  • Creates the quickest chocolate smoky eye. US$16.00
  • Modern long-lasting lipstick, with a deliciously creamy texture. US$18.00
  • I adore this for its brightening properties and its lightweight invisible finish on the skin. US$26.00
  • Genius for smudging and creating imperfect dark eyes. US$16.00