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Lyne D

I was born in Canada, but I’ve lived in France for the past ten years. Actually, I’m about to move to New York City!  I guess this nomad lifestyle is truly a part of who I am: always ready to learn, never taking anything for granted and being grateful for it all!

I keep it effortless but effective, with the lips and cheeks as the focus of my look. I usually will add a little more texture to my makeup: Clear Lipglass on my lips, Tea Petal Cremeblend Blush on my cheeks and Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation/Loose in the T-zone. Whatever the event I’m attending I always feel elegant!

Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15…I know, it’s boring, but it’s the number one unisex product everyone should have… It’s all about plumped, well moisturized lips Ladies and Gentlemen!

I sure did! I started as a part time M·A·C Artist at The Bay in Montreal! On Saturdays the queues were absolutely insane and my number one goal was to know the Lipstick bank by heart so that I could locate any Lipstick immediately when customers wanted to try a specific shade. My boss put me in charge of cleaning the Lipstick Banks, so I ended up killing two birds with one stone!!

I love working for M·A·C for the same reasons men and women love to shop at M·A·C: we’re a brand that celebrates individuality. Plus, this is an environment where I learn something new everyday and have so much fun at the same time!!!

There are so many memories I could share but if I have to single out one recent event it would have to be the LIFE BALL in Vienna last summer. This is one of the major charity events in Europe for the HIV and AIDS cause.  M·A·C Artists from over 8 European countries came together to do makeup for this gigantic show. There was a very unusual heat wave in Austria and it was about a 120 degrees backstage. I never felt so proud to be working for this company! Not only did I have the incredible privilege to lead an amazing team of artists but also met very special people along the way, all of us really wanting to make this event a memorable one, for a cause we all believed in. I sweated like crazy but had the time of my life!

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