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Alexandra S

I was born and raised in Athens and even now I still can’t get enough of walking in the city centre, enjoying the sun and a little “meze” in our traditional taverns.

The energy, the passion and the uniqueness of this brand. The fact we embrace individuality and how every Makeup Artist is committed to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. You know what we say among us: Once you go M·A·C, you never go back!

I would definitely take Ruby Woo Lipstick, False Lashes and Spiked Eye Brows because they create a total classic look. I would be going to Paris, my favourite city in the world. Where else!

I instantly fell in love with Ruby Woo and it remains the love product of my life. The texture, the colour and the feeling I have when I apply it on my lips can make my day.

The most popular trend in Greece is strong lips, dark colours during the winter and bright magenta to coral in the summer. Mediterranean women love to emphasize their bold and sexy lips.

My mother had a creamy, silver blue eye shadow that my seven-year-old self would wear all over my eyelid and feel like a little princess. Apart from that, I quite enjoyed applying the shadow on everyone else in the house, including my poor dad!

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  • The perfect red for all occasions. US$16.00
  • False lashes on my lashes without using lashes! US$22.00
  • I never go anywhere without drawing my eyebrows. US$16.00
  • Adjustable to every Mediterranean skin tone. US$26.00
  • Perfect for all products, all textures, all features. US$20.00
  • Respects the natural sculpting of the eyes. US$21.00
  • Great to mix into a Nail Lacquer. US$21.00
  • Mimics natural lip colour. US$20.00
  • The ultimate brown pencil. US$16.00