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Under the colors and sublime textures, for me the make-up is an experience and a vector of emotions. Makeup always tells a story. It can be a joyful story, a sad story, a love story or your own story. Its power of transformation is so important that it can acts on the conscious and the unconscious, transforms physically and so mentally. Make-up is a full art.

The totally glamorous style of the 50's and actress such as Marylin Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and Jane Mansfield are one of my source of inspiration. Also, my inspiration comes from the street and architecture, books of art and Movies.

My hands, and the brushes #239 and #224.

The Face and Body Foundation because it gives to the skin a fresh and radiant appearance; and Cream Colour Base for the versatility and multi purpose, beautiful colors and payoff.

For me, the preparation of the skin is essential. I like working and playing with moisturizers and primers, foundation, concealers and highlighters to create a sublime and perfect texture of skin.

Every make-up artist possesses his own individual visual identity, his own style and creativity. The makeup artists that I admire the most are all my friends and the ones who I love working with, as Carole, Tom, Alex, Val, Charlotte, Didier and all the others who inspired me.

LOVE Jean Paul Gaultier and Chloe. Balenciaga's vision of the woman from the past till now always inspired me.

Artists Tips

I love to use the face and body mixing medium on the skin mixed with other foundation or pigments to create a very pure, fresh and translucent texture on the skin. Several times it is sufficient when I want to create a transparent and nude make-up, or during the fashion shows.