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They're our Artists backstage, on set, behind the scenes. Our all-star pros. Find out who they are. Where they're coming from. Latch onto their secrets. Lash onto a look. Brush up on techniques.


You either get it or you don't.

Bollywood it girl Helen and Bollywood movies - There's so much colour, vibrancy and inspiration.

My hands.

Blacktrack Fluidline

Definitely the eyes.

Kevin Aucoin


Artists Tips

Here's a simple quick trick for applying foundation that's a big hit with anyone who likes a light coverage.After generously moisturizing your face, use Select Moisturecover Concealer only on the T-Zone and under eyes and blend outwards to get an even finish. Lightly dust over it with Loose Invisible Powder, so it sets and gives a smooth, well-groomed look. Now you're ready to go and in half the time!