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Finding beauty everywhere I look is never a challenge for me! Makeup allows me to be creative and inspired!

My inspiration for creativity always comes from "Nature and Technology". I always enjoy looking at natural organic shapes and colors in nature. High tech objects art and even architecture inspire me especially when it is ultra modern and futuristic!

The most important tool that I use for my work has to be my mind!

My favorite M·A·C product is "Moisture Lush" eye cream.

Being able to work on someone's eyes is so very personal! I feel that eyes are so expressive and they really frame the face! Eyes can give you strength or vulnerability and that is why it is the feature that I enjoy to work on.

Way Bandy, Tien and Charlotte Tilbury are inspirational makeup artists to me.

Balenciaga, Dior and Karl Lagerfeld are my most admired fashion houses!

Artists Tips

My clients love the Pro Longwear Lipcolour because it really stays on until you take it off. I find it essential for weddings or red carpet events where you never have time for touch-ups. It is a dream lip product!