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It is a pleasure for me to have totally clear that makeup is my vocation. I love to do makeup, I really enjoy doing it. It is my passion and I am a lucky person because I could spend every day work on this. Makeup is an art, a feeling born within you without knowing why,

Inspiration is a way of perceiving things, life is full of choices. Many photographers, art, architecture, fashion, any image that stop my eyes more than a minute, can be inspiration for me.

The brushes, I love!

Fluidline and Cream Colour Base

I love to work the skin and the lips

Val Garland and Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel, besides they are fantastic makeup artists they are beautiful people as well. And I love Stephane Marais's work. He is an incredible makeup artist.

Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Balmain, Tom Ford, Valentino, Giorgio Armani..... I like many