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I am always surprised by the transformative power of Makeup. Makeup can be a total mood-shifter. It's not just about putting on makeup; it's potentially about wearing a personality.

Modern Art, Cinema and especially Rock and roll are my greatest sources of inspiration. My hero is David Bowie who has absolutely set the path to where music is today. He is the king of creating identities through makeup.

Internet has become a critical learning and developing tool. It represents to me a sea of knowledge and opportunities. Within these creative influences, It becomes clearer what my own artistic style is.

Eye Kohl. My favorite technique is blending eye kohl into the lash line to create depth and definition to the eye. It's the most perfect essential product for eye makeup. Mineralize foundation loose is my go-to skin product. Use it as powder on top of a creamy foundation to set and add a soft veil of light to the skin or on top of hydrated skin as foundation. This hi-Tec powder never looks or feels like powder and melts into the skin in the most flattering way possible.

Skin - flawless skin really is the key to any makeup look created and can be a look by itself. Beauty is about understanding shapes and bone structure. Re-texturizing the skin by using hi-tech products to minimize the need of foundation. There is great sophistication, understanding and knowledge in creating the perfect canvas. Instead of using product to cover, I use product to unveil the beauty of the skin.

Alex Box, Kabuki, Val Garland. I love a bit (or a lot) of color and fantasy in makeup. Each of my makeup heroes takes makeup to the highest possible degree of art, easily identifies as their own. Their works prove that art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.

Nicolas Ghesquiere, Gareth Pugh. It's about Retro-futurism, constructed, sculpted, sharply tailored and dramatic garments, which changes the silhouette that I love so much.