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Pablo R

As a kid, I used my markers and pencils to put makeup on people in magazines. I drew black liner and red lips on everyone – those pictures were my first face charts!

Some people have gorgeous lips or cheekbones, some have beautiful eyes – it’s different for every client.

Select Cover-Up in the exact skin tone, Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline, which is the blackest black ever, to smudge around the eyes, and for lips, it has to be red. VIVA GLAM I is the perfect shade of brick red with the true old Hollywood matte finish.

My first M·A·C purchase was a Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 15. I got all the brightest colours like Chrome Yellow, Bitter and Electric Eel. I was fascinated with the intensity of the pigments and the incredible payoff.

Lip Conditioner (Tube) – Most people tend to have dry lips, especially in the winter.

The return of the “unkept” eyebrow. Add a tint of colour to brows with Beguile Brow Set to make them look fuller. Forget about extremely arched shapes.

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  • The purest red with the most matte finish. US$16.00
  • Like mother of pearl crushed in a pot. US$10.00
  • Brows always need to be tidy and groomed. US$17.00
  • A super natural shade to define blonde brows. US$16.00
  • The most amazing highlighter for darker skin. US$32.00
  • The shiniest Lipglass ever. US$15.00
  • The copper shade suits all eye colours. US$16.00
  • Great for cherry pinched cheeks on darker skin. US$22.00
  • Subtle definition or high drama. US$22.00