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Romero J

The whole face is my favourite. I enjoy watching the way the muscles move under the skin as someone is talking to me. I love evaluating the shape and thinking about a way to enhance features through highlighting and sculpting.

I don’t have a least favourite! I enjoy the glorious face in its entirety.

I first fell in love with the endless array of eye shadows! There were so many textures and colours like Saddle and Chrome Yellow. I believe, since I was born in a warm, bright and tropical country that colour is life for me.

One passion of mine is gardening. I enjoy nurturing living things. I love gardening because the colourful, ravishing results make it all worth it. My favourites are hydrangeas, alliums and hybrid velvet Martha Washington geraniums.

Fast Response Eye Cream is my must-have pick for everyone! The important ingredient caffeine invigorates, hydrates and firms the eye area.

I love all the innovation with constantly stimulating high tech products. They really make my work easy and keep my clients happy.

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  • This product does exactly what my morning cup of Joe does for me. US$31.00
  • This shade is the base I use to get a guideline for lip shade and symmetry. US$16.00
  • This brush is perfect for applying foundation. US$35.00
  • This helps me create the perfect precision line every time. US$20.00
  • Photographs like luxurious cream even though it's a powder. US$22.00
  • Gives foundation longevity and visually smoothes out the surface of the skin. US$30.00
  • This always gives a three-dimensional super gloss shine. US$20.00
  • Gets every lash curled with exceptional ease. US$21.00
  • Soothes the skin while smoothing and adding super hydration for a youthful glow. US$22.00