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Victor C

I began my career in makeup artistry back in high school in Pleasanton, California while performing in musical theatre. The way makeup had the ability to completely change the identity of one’s character was absolutely exhilarating — and I was hooked! At 18, I decided to explore a career as a makeup artist with one goal in mind: to become a working artist in the ever-changing fashion industry. I often say, "Makeup has the unique ability to straighten one’s emotional posture.”

I distinctly remember using Crayola Washable Markers to do my own makeup when I was 11 years old. Turning myself into all kinds of theatrical characters – monsters, an old man, a drag queen — anything my imagination could conjure up. While I don’t believe these markers have been tested for cosmetic use, they sure did the trick for a budding artistic child with too much creativity and time on his hands!

I remember my first M·A·C lipstick purchase was Dubonnet. I can’t begin to count the number of women on whom I tried this lipstick.  My sister, my mom, my aunt, my friends, my neighbours — everyone got Dubonnet that year! I must say it still remains my favourite shade of red, not only for nostalgia’s sake, but because it really does look great on everyone.

Just three? No fair! I would be off to Paris, of course. And I would simply need: Fluidline in Blacktrack, the 266 Small Angle Brush and Russian Red Lipstick – arguably, the most famous red lipstick in the industry!

I love to use M·A·C Eye Kohl to quickly take looks from day to night. Applying shades like Phone Number, Teddy and Tarnish to the inner waterline make it not only quick, but easy to transition into a sultry, smoky look.

There have been so many situations where I have had to pause and say, “Remember this, Victor – this is a once in a lifetime moment!” One that comes to mind would be shooting the CD single cover for Missy Elliott’s “Best Best.” Not only was she thrilled with her makeup that day, she even let me airbrush tiny pink stars on her face.  It really illustrated the trust we had established working together over several years.

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